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Since 90 years, humankind have mastered the chemical rocket technology, which enable space travel

This success is because chemical energy is the most easily stocked energy form.

But in the past 20 years no more progress have been made.

90' technology is nearly the same as 70' technology
We must understand that this technology, in today environment have gone to a limit, no more progress will be done.

The purpose of this page is to brain-storm about new ideas to help improve things

To summarize briefly why rockets are widely used :
- Today chemical energy is the most easily stocked energy form.
- The best way to use this energy in propulsions systems is by using rockets, because when the ergols have delivered their energies through the burning process, the remaining gases are used as propulsion masses.
- This is described with the rocket equation:

Final speed = exhaust masses speed* natural logarithm (1/(1-((fuel mass + oxidizer mass) / Total mass of the rocket
(Exhaust masses speed is around 3500 to 4500 m/sec at best)

So ((fuel mass + oxidizer mass) / Total mass of the rocket) is around 0,1 and one rocket must weight 500 metric tons to lift the ergols masses of any reasonable payload.

At the same time one can find that the efficiency ratio energy gained / energy used is around 0.1 at best: Alas nearly all energy is used to push the ergols masses.

Greater exhaust speed is needed to increase the
(payload mass on total mass) ratio

Some theory on Rocket propulsion .
More theory on Various propulsion systems.

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My personal purpose is not to make money
I really want to make things improve on the subject of space travel
Perhaps because I am 42, and want to realize a youth dream

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